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“A Guy Walks Into a Bar !”

Bar Jokes

A guy walks into a bar.

A guy walks into a bar after a long day at work and orders a drink.

As he sits there mulling over his day he hears a high pitched voice say, That shirt looks great on you!

The guy looks around, doesn’t see anything, and returns to his drink thinking no more of it.

The voice, however, returns saying, You know, you seem like a really cool guy!

Again the guy looks around but sees nothing.

Now he’s wondering if maybe he’s losing it or something.

He’s OK for awhile and doesn’t hear any more from the voice, so he finishes his drink and orders another.

Right about then he hears another voice!

This one is saying, Oh, I’ll bet your parents are very, very proud of you!

The guy’s really shook up now!

He slams his drink down and yells to the bartender, What’s with these voices I keep hearing?

They’re driving me crazy!

Bartender says, Oh those are just the peanuts.

They’re complementary !

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