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“A Really Faithful Wife”


A Really Faithful WifeA really Faithful Wife!

On the occasion of their 50th Wedding Anniversary, a man asked his wife, “Honey, you have been with me through thick and thin, and gave me constant love and support, however I just have to know whether you have actually been faithful to me all this time.”

To which the wife replies, “To be honest, I have cheated on you on three different occasions, but they all were to benefit you my dear.

Hurt by her answer but no surprised, he further asked her, “Very well, tell me the three instances when you cheated on me and how they benefitted me.”

The wife says, “For the first time – it was when you needed that promotion at work – but your boss was adamant on giving it to someone else.

So I slept with him and requested him to give you the promotion in return.”

The husband nods and says, “Ok so it was to get me the promotion. I understand that.

What was the second instance?”

The wife continues, “The second time was when you met with an accident and needed to be operated immediately.

The medical expenses were way too much for us.

So I slept with your doctor, and in return he did your operation for free.

The man replies by saying, “Alright, so the second time, it was to save my life.

I understand that. Well then, what was the third instance?

Remember when you were running for the president of your golf club and were short of 73 votes?

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