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Another – “A Man Walks Into a Bar” Joke

A Man Walks into a Bar

Here’s another A Man walks into a bar joke!

A man is about to walk into a bar, known for having lots of beautiful women, when a bouncer stops him at the door.

The bouncer says, “We have a dress policy where ties are mandatory for men, and you are just wearing a shirt that’s open at the collar.

So sorry, I can’t let you in.”

So the man returns to his truck to see if he has a tie anywhere.

Sadly, he doesn’t, but while looking, he notices a set of jumper cables in the back of his truck.

He’s desperate to get into the bar so he fashions the jumper cables into a rough tie type of knot around his neck, with the ends dangling free.

When he goes back to the bar, the bouncer looks him over carefully, and then then nods.

“Okay, I guess you can come in now,” he says. “Just don’t start anything.”

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