A Window SeatThe Joys of Jokes 

“Barfing on a Plane”

A Window Seat

A man was sitting in a window seat, on a plane going to New York.

Just before takeoff, a large businessman wearing a beautiful designer suit walked down the aisle, and sat right beside him.

A few minutes later the plane took off. For a while, all was well, until the man realized that he was feeling a little nauseous. He wanted to go to the washroom, but looked over, and saw that the businessman was sound asleep, and blocking his way.

Not wanting to disturb him, he tried to control his nausea. He hoped the businessman would wake up. But unfortunately he kept sleeping away.

Eventually, the man couldn’t control himself any longer, and threw up all over the man next to him.

When the businessman woke up, and saw the mess, the first man looked over and said… “So, do you feel better now?”

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