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“Custody and a Coke”

Custody and a Coke

How can you complain with this logic ?

An ex husband an ex wife are in court fighting in a bitter custody battle over their child.

The judge asks the woman “Why do you feel you deserve custody?”

The woman says “I brought that child into this world.

My child literally came out of me!

That is why I deserve custody.”

The judge nods his head, and says, “That is a simple and logical reason. It makes total sense to me!”

Then the judge turns his head to the man and asks, “She said her side of things. Why do you feel you deserve custody?”

The man sits in his chair and slowly drinks from a can of coke, then he holds up the empty can in his hand and says, “Was this my coke, or my ex wife’s coke?”

Confused the judge says “I believe that was your coke”.

The wife is also confused, and the judge looks over at her and asks “Was that your coke?”

The ex wife says “No, it was his coke.”

The man looks at the judge and says “Good we all agree.

So when I put money in a coke machine and a coke pops out, the coke is mine, not the coke machine’s, correct?”

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