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“My Summer Job”

The Gas Station Job

My Summer Job.

As a teenager I had a summer job pumping gas.

One week an older guy drove up and

said he wanted a fill-up.

Then he got out of the car with an umbrella, opened it, and followed me around as I worked, holding the umbrella over my head to keep the sun off me.

I awkwardly thanked him as he paid his tab and drove away. 

A week later he came back for a fill-up.

Again, he got out of the car with the umbrella and opened it, but this time he just stood there watching me work.

I asked, “So you’re not gonna use that umbrella to keep the sun off me this time?” and he retorted, “Watch it, young man.

Fuel me once, shade on you! Fuel me twice, shade on me !

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