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“My Wife Is Missing”

My Wife Is Missing Here’s a conversation between a police officer and a man who’s wife is missing.

Man says, Officer, my wife is missing.

She went out yesterday and she hasn’t come home.

Officer asks, Okay, what’s her height?

Man says, Not sure…. Maybe around 5’6?

Officer asks, Okay, weight?

Man says,I dunno… not slim not big.

Officer asks, Okay… colour of her eyes?

Man says, Sort of blue, I think? I never really noticed.

Officer asks, What’s the color of her hair?

Man says, Well, that changes all the time depending on the hair dresser she goes to.

Officer asks, What clothes was she wearing the last time you saw her?

Man says, Could’ve been a red dress? Maybe a blue one? I don’t know exactly. 

Officer asks, When she left to go somewhere, did she go by car?

Man says, Yeah, she did.

Officer asks, What was the make of that car?

Man quickly says, it’s a high performance 560 horse power Audi in a very specific grey silver metallic paint.

It has 8 speed paddle shift automatic transmission and a 6.35 litre v12 engine generating at least 560 horse power.

It has a z51 super performance package, larger than normal alloy wheels, with bucket seats, satellite navigation.

And unfortunately a little thin scratch on the front left door handle.

Officer quickly says, Don’t worry sir we’ll find your car!

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