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“Pay it Forward”

Employee Bonus

Pay it Forward !

The CEO of a small company offered his employees a bonus of $10,000 or to double it and pass it on to the next employee.

The first employee elected to double and pass it on.

The CEO thought what a generous individual this was and then moved on to the next employee.  

The next employee also declined the now $20 thousand dollar bonus and he elected to double and pass it on.

“Wow” the CEO thought – even the $20 grand is being passed on!

What a sense of camaraderie in this team.

The next employee also chose to double and pass on.

This continued for 6 more employees, and the bonus offer now stood at over $2.5 million.

In a panic, the CEO had to call his wealthy father to get a loan, otherwise his business will be bankrupted.

Meanwhile, the nine employees were in the kitchen deciding how to split the $2.5 million dollars evenly.

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