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“The Questionable Bowl of Chili”

A Questionable Bowl of Chili

The Questionable Bowl of Chili.

A man walks into a diner during a terrible blizzard, but only has enough money to order a cup of coffee.

He hasn’t eaten anything all day and is terribly hungry.

Down the bar he sees another man leaning over a

steaming bowl of chili, but the man isn’t eating his chili, just looking at it. 

Stomach rumbling he calls out to his neighbor “are you planning on eating that?”

The other man shakes his head saying, “I’ve lost my appetite.”

The first man says, “well would you mind if I took that?”

“Not at all, be my guest” he replies, sliding the bowl carefully to the 1st man.

Eager to fill his belly he unabashedly digs into the warm bowl of chili.

As he gets to the bottom of the bowl he discovers a hairy scabby bandaid at the bottom of the bowl of chili.

Disgusted, he throws up everything he just ate back into the bowl.

The second man comments “Yep, that’s about as far as I got into it too.”

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