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“Three Men and a Genie”

Three Men and a Genie


Three Men and a Genie.

Three friends are stranded on a small island.

After a few weeks with no hope of rescue, they come across an old lamp in the sand.

They pick it up and poof!

Out comes a genie!

Thank you for releasing me from my thousand years of imprisonment says the genie.

I will now grant each of you a wish the genie tells the three men.

The first guy says well I have a wife and a 2 year old back home.

If I’m gone who’s gonna take care of them.

So I would like you to send me back to them please.

So Poof!

A puff of cloud picks the man up and flies him away.

The second guy says: Well, my parents are old and frail and I’m the only son they have.

I have to take care of them and be there with them when they go.

So please send me back.

So Poof!

Another puff of cloud carries him away.

The third guy looking sad says: Well, I’m not married and my parents are dead.

I don’t have many friends really, just those two.

So what’s your wish asks the genie.

Bring those two guys back here would you?

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