Old Man Crossing The StreetThe Joys of Jokes 

“Crossing The Street”

Old Man Crossing The Street

Welcome back folks !

Here’s another gem!

Two women are standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change.


They see a man coming across the street taking little steps and walking very slowly and carefully.

One woman says to the other “That poor guy has arthritis.”

The other woman says “No, he has bursitis.”

They argue and argue until the guy finally reaches their side of the street.

They go up to him and one says, “Excuse me, but we couldn’t help notice you have a condition.”

“My friend here says you have arthritis but I say you have bursitis.”

“Could you tell us which it is?”

The guy says “Well, you were wrong when you thought I had arthritis… “

“and she was wrong when she said I had bursitis… “

“and I was wrong… “

“when I thought I had to fart.”

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