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“Kenny the Rooster”

Kenny the Rooster

This is a story about Kenny the rooster.

A couple saw an Ad for a rooster named Kenny in the paper for 100 dollars and got curious.

They decided to call the seller and ask why he was so expensive.

He said the rooster will fertilize everything he can get ahold of, and was a sure thing.

He even talks occasionally the farmer told them.

So they went to see him.

When they arrived, the farmer let the rooster out of the cage and he made a beeline to the hen house.

After he was done with all of the hens, he ran straight for the pigpen and then the horses.

He sexed everything on the farm before the farmer put him back in his cage.

The couple figured he would be a good buy, not only for the hens but as a conversation piece.

They hadn’t heard him talk yet but thought nothing of it.

After they brought him home they let him out of his cage and he done the same thing as before.

The couple didn’t stay around to watch and just went in the house for dinner and then go to bed.

The next day they woke up and went to check on Kenny only to find him laying stone cold dead in the middle of the yard with buzzards circling above.

The guy was distraught but grabbed a bag and walked over to Kenny.

The man mumbled to himself – Such a shame, he must have humped himself to death.

Then all of a sudden Kenny looked up with one eye open and said shut the hell up, they’re getting closer.

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