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“A Boy’s Parrot”

A Boy's Parrot

Welcome back !

Here’s a really foul story!

Get it? Foul.

A boy gets a parrot for his birthday.

This parrot was constantly swearing and saying really rude things.

The boy tries to teach his parrot to stop saying bad words and other disgusting phrases.

The boy tries to calm the parrot by playing music.

He reads stories to the parrot.

He tries everything he can to get the parrot to stop but nothing works.

All the parrot does is make rude comments and swear at people.

Finally, after months of this, the boy is so fed up with the parrot that he loses his temper, grabs the bird and shoves it in the freezer and slams it closed.

He hears squawking and screaming from the bird for about a minute until it just stops and all he hears is complete silence.

Fearing that he may have hurt the animal, he opens up the freezer and quickly takes his parrot out.

The parrot is frozen but starts to talk.

He says “I’m so sorry for all the rude and terrible things I have said in the past that may have hurt you.

I promise to be better and nicer in the future says the parrot.”

The boy responds “Thank you, that really means a lot.”

The parrot then says “May I ask what the chicken did?”

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