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“One Hole Behind In Golf”

Playing Golf

Hey Jokesters, here’s a golf joke you can share.

A guy was playing golf one day and he got lost.

He saw a lady up ahead of him and went to her and said “Can you please help me I don’t know what Hole I’m on.”

She told him “You are one hole behind me.

I’m on 7 and you’re on 6.”

He thanked her and continued playing golf.

Later he got lost again.

He saw the same lady and went to her again kind of embarrassed.

“I’m sorry to bother you again but I’m lost, can you please tell me what hole I’m on.”

She told him, “You are one hole behind me. I’m on 14 and you are on 13.”

Again he thanked her and continued playing golf.

When he finished he saw her in the clubhouse.

He went up to her and asked if he could buy her a drink for helping him out.

She accepted.

As they were drinking and talking, he asked her what she did for a living.

“I’m in sales” she said.

He replied “No kidding; so am I.”

“What do you sell he asked?”

She responded that it was too embarrassing to tell, but after he kept pleading to know what she sold she finally said that she would tell him if he promised not to laugh.

So he promised not to laugh.

She said “I sell sanitary napkins.”

He immediately fell to the floor laughing hysterically.

She said “You promised you wouldn’t laugh”.

He replied, still with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it.

I sell toilet paper.”

“I guess I’m still one Hole behind you.”

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