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“The Big Flood”

The Big Flood

The Big Flood.

An old woman wakes up one morning to find her town flooding.

The water has filled her first floor and is quickly rising.

She looks out the upstairs window and sees 2 men in a rowboat.

They yell up to her to jump into the water and they will take her to safety.

The woman yells back “No! God will provide.”

“Suit yourself!” the men say and row away.

A few hours later the water has flooded her second floor and the old lady is now on the roof.

A motorboat comes by and the people inside yell “Jump off the roof! You’re going to drown!

Come with us!”

But the old lady yells again “No! God will provide.”

The guys in the boat speed away as the currents are getting faster and the storm is worsening.

Finally, the red cross comes by with a big rescue boat and sees the old lady hanging on to her chimney.

They yell at her to jump but yet again she yells back “No! God will provide!” and the boat speeds away.

A few hours later the old lady is dead, drowned.

When she reaches the pearly gates she asks God “Where were you?

Why didn’t you provide for me??”

So God says “What are you talking about? I sent you 3 boats!!”

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