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“The Toothbrush Salesman”

The Toothbrush Salesman

Here’s a story about a Toothbrush Salesman.

A guy loses his job and is really down on his luck.

He searches everywhere but can’t seem to find any work.


After a few weeks he sees an ad in the newspaper for a salesman position.

He applies and is scheduled for an interview.

When he gets to the interview, he meets his potential boss and the job is explained to him.

The company sells toothbrushes, but they’ve been really behind on their sales.

In order for the company to continue they need to unload 500 toothbrushes over the next two weeks.

Since there aren’t many people interested in being toothbrush salesmen, he gets the job.

Day 1 comes and goes and he sells 2 toothbrushes.

Day 2 he sells 3. Day 4 he sells 1.

By the end of the week he’s sold about 25 toothbrushes.

His boss calls him into the office and explains that if he doesn’t meet the quota they’re all going to lose their jobs.

With one day left before the deadline he’s sold 48 toothbrushes.

The boss is obviously furious, but what’s he going to do at this point?

5:00PM rolls around on the last and final day.

The man walks into the office and proudly proclaims “I’ve done it!

I sold 734 toothbrushes today! We’ve surpassed the goal!”

The manager is stunned. “How did you do it!” he asks.

“Simple” the man replies. “First, I give them a piece of chocolate candy. Here take one!”

The boss takes the candy and eats it.

He instantly spits it out in disgust.

“That tastes like shit!”

A big grin comes across the man’s face and he replies:

“It is shit!

Wanna buy a toothbrush?!”

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