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“We Need Rain !”

Rain Dance

We Need Rain !

During a drought, a farmer remembers hearing about a native tribe who’s rain dance is said to work every time.

So the next day he gets in his pickup and heads out to visit the tribes chief.

When he gets there he asks if the tribe would be able to perform a rain dance for him.

Yes, we can call the spirits of water with our dance, but first I must gather the tribe, and my son is two states away at a college.

Before I call him home however, I must ask you what you have to offer in return, and that before you offer remember that it must be paid to the whole tribe.

Ok said the farmer.

How does 10 percent of my crop sound, I grow corn, wheat and carrots and that should be enough to feed about 100 people for a few months.

After a moment of thought the chief replies, We cannot possibly use that much, we can take 5 percent of your crops, and if you can give the other 5 percent as cash so we can buy other supplies, it can be done.

It’s a deal replied the farmer.

After speaking to his son on his cellphone, the chief arranges everything to take place the following weekend.

When the time comes the tribes start dancing, for two hours they chant and burn herbs, and miraculously the skies start to darken and the clouds let out a torrential downpour.

When the time comes to pay, the chiefs son comes around with a trailer to pick up the food and money.

After all is said and done the farmer starts to make some small talk and says to the chief’s son –

Thank you for coming down from college help with the dance, what are you studying?

Me? No, you have me all wrong, I am not a student, I am the professor of meteorology.

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